My Top 10 Black & White Wedding Photographs

Black and White wedding photography used to be something I didn't find that important. I used to focus primarily on making sure the colours chosen within a wedding were enticing and told the story of the wedding. However I decided in 2023 to push myself out of my comfort zone and choose photographs that I felt would be perceived better in black & white. In my Top 10 Black & White Wedding Photographs blog, I want to present the images I feel capture best in Black & White rather than colour.

Black & White Wedding Photography Devon

Through using Black & White editing within a wedding gallery, I hope to show my couples the true emotion within that image, rather than the distractions around it. Focusing on that moment in time, the story behind the emotion in the photograph. A lot of moments I capture during a wedding day, are pieces of the wedding story that the couple did not see. I am there to focus on all the big and also small moments that unfold on their day & showcase them in the truest form. There is something about a Black & White image that just draws you into the finer details, the reasons, the story behind the image.

Black & white story-telling wedding photography

The top 10 black & white photographs you will see in this blog are in no particular order, but I ask you to stop at each photograph & try to look within the image to feel the emotion within, with no colour to obscure the story.

If your planning your Devon & Cornwall wedding and are interested in Black & White photographs within your gallery, then I would love to be your wedding photographer & capture the story of your wedding celebration for you... please get in touch here.

Daniella x

Deer Park Country House Wedding Photographer
Beaconside House Wedding Photographer bride putting on shoes black and white photograph
Deer Park Country House Wedding Photographer black and white dancing photograph
Tregenna Castle Wedding Photographer son holding brides hand
Exeter Wedding Photographer the house that moved photograph
Tregenna Castle Wedding Photography brides hand with ring
Exmouth Country Lodge Wedding Photographer confetti walk
Hareston Manor Wedding Photographer bride putting on shoes
Clevedon Hall Wedding Photographer groom dancing black and white
Hareston Manor Wedding Photographer bride getting dressed black and white