6 Tips for feeling relaxed and confident in front of the camera on your wedding day.

Honestly, I have yet to meet a couple that are not nervous when it comes to being in front of the camera. The thought of being vulnerable in photos, showing our 'bad side' or worried about how to 'pose' to the camera is a common worry so you're not alone. Sometimes it helps to just let go and trust your photographer, in my case, I have been photographing couples for over 10 years and always bring out the best of my couples naturally.

So, let's get onto the tips & tricks to help you get comfortable in front of the camera during your photography session...

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How to feel relaxed & comfortable for your wedding portraits

  • Take your time choosing someone you trust.

When choosing your photographer (and videographer), be really honest with yourself about what kind of person you’re looking for, both in terms of personality and style. Knowing that you’ve invested in a photographer whose work you adore and who you have fun being around will help you look forward to being in front of that camera, and seeing what magic they capture. Set up a meeting to chat or arrange an engagement session with a little coffee date beforehand to just familiarise yourself with each other, this way you are no longer strangers and your trust will grow and show within the photos.

  • Embrace the PDA.

But do let your photographer know if you need a break. Often couples don't like showing affection in front of others, and that's absolutely ok! I use the power of connection and movement between you both to show your relationship so if kissing isn't your thing, then that is not a problem, just let your photographer know.

  • Keep Moving!

Sounds odd right? But as a wedding photographer, I always tell my couples to be moving even if they are standing still. Movement in a photograph gives more emotion, power and meaning to an image. It also helps you focus on the task at hand rather than the camera around you. I like to get my couples walking, spinning, running and even just alternating hands when touching arms, faces etc. This helps hugely to create a natural moment rather than a 'staged' one.

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  • Invest in an engagement shoot.

The best way to get comfortable in front of a camera... is to get in front of a camera! Now that you have found a photographer you trust and connect with, secure your thoughts with an engagement shoot so you can get used to how they direct you with posing, their editing style with your images, and form more of a connection before the big day. You will NOT regret doing it! Just have a think, how many photos of you as a couple do you have that are just selfies? And then how many are photographs taken by someone that naturally represent you both as a couple that you would frame or use over and over again!

  • Focus on your partner.

When you are having your wedding portraits taken, your attention should always be fully wrapped up in your partner and in the moment your having together. This will give a more immersive photo experience for you both and the photographs will show this. A few tips I would give are holding hands, giving affirmations to each other and having a giggle together whilst chatting about your favourite parts of the wedding day so far!

  • And finally, be yourself!

This one may seem obvious, but it’s important to remember that the best photos of you are the photos in which you’re just being yourself. Don’t worry about posing, about angles, or about what you think you’re supposed to do and look like – let the photographer worry about composition and light, and just enjoy being with one another. Natural, candid moments are the most photogenic, and if that means letting yourself be silly, or emotional, or head over heels in love, just do it.

If your planning your Devon & Cornwall wedding and are interested in finding out more about how I could capture your love story, then I would love to be your wedding photographer & capture the story of your wedding celebration for you... please get in touch here.

Daniella x

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