As a documentary, storytelling photographer, I aim to capture your wedding as it happens. My focus is observing, anticipating and capturing moments spontaneously. Capturing genuine emotion of the day and adding my artistic approach to give it that seamless flow.


I love capturing some individual portraits & details of the wedding couple.


I shoot the usual group shots but I tend not to show lots of them as I like to focus on the unscripted moments of the day instead of standing around trying to organise formal family photos.

If you want a lot of formal family photos the I'm probably not the photographer for you. I usually recommend a maximum of 10. I am far more interested in showing you & your guests personalities!


One of my personal favourites! The amount of time & energy into your details of the wedding need to be celebrated, and that's exactly what I will do! These details are key for setting the scene for your big day.

Floral wedding cake at Beaconside House
Wedding bridal details at Valleyside Barn
Valleyside Barn wedding venue, bridal details with invitation, shoes, rings and flowers
Wedding bridal details next to a window at Valleyside Barn
Painted portrait of a wedding couple with a veil in front at Beaconside House
Wedding bouquet, rings and shoes at a wedding at Hareston Manor
Wedding details including perfume, invitation, rings and necklace at Deer Park Country House
Wedding dress with veil and shoes on top in Black and white at Hareston Manor
Display of family portraits in wooden crates at the cermony at Anran Wedding Venue
Wedding shoes on a windowsill in black and white at Valleyside Barns
Bridal details flat lay at Beaconside House
Anran luxury wedding venue greenhouse wedding breakfast set up
Wedding dress on the stairs with veil at The Scarlet Hotel
Bride and bridesmaids bouquet sat on a bench with logs at Hareston Manor
Wedding dress and veil hung on the wall at Upton Barn & Walled Garden
Wedding breakfast table set up with floral vases at Hareston Manor
Green and white 4 tiered wedding cake at Clevedon Hall
Woodland style table set up at a wedding breakfast for Beaconside House
Bride table name with a wax seal and sprig of flowers at Beaconside House
An alpaca stood next to a sign at Anran Luxury Wedding Venue


The biggest worry for couples on their wedding day is usually the couples photos, and I get it. Many couples say they are "nervous", or "aren't great in front of the camera". But that's why you hire me! Its all about giving direction over poses, capturing the in-between moments & having a laugh (even if its aimed at me!).

I will give prompts but mostly I will let you both have some time together to naturally show your relationships personality & I will just document you!

But if you feel a little nervous, and I can sense it, then I will usually act like a crazy squirrel and give you something to laugh & react to.

The Oak Barn wedding with the bride and groom in front of the red ivy wall
Wedding couple embracing with their hands on eachother at Rockbeare Manor
Bride and Military Groom cuddling by a stream at Ever After, Lower Grenofyn
Groom holding the Brides dress as they walk along the cliffs at The Scarlet Hotel
A winter wedding at Anran Luxury Wedding Venue with the bride and groom walking
Groom dipping his Bride into a kiss whilst she holds her veil at Rockbeare Manor
A wedding couple dipping for a kiss in the greenhouse at Anran Luxury Wedding Venue
A wedding couple running in the road in Autumn at Bickley Mill Inn
Wedding couple walking into the sunset
Bride with a floral crown with the groom embracing at St Nectans Glen
Wedding couple running into the woods at St Nectans Glen
Bride & Groom holding each other close and embracing in the sunset at Exmouth Country Lodges
LGBTQ+ wedding couple standing side by side in front of a large painting at Exeter Castle
Wedding couple spraying champagne
LGBTQ+ couple sat kissing in a photo booth camper van at Exeter Castle
LQBTQ+ couple spraying champagne towards the camera at sunset at Exeter Castle
A wedding couple standing close together within a tropical greenhouse at Anran Luxury Wedding Venue
LGBTQ+ wedding couple sat on some stairs cuddling at Exeter Castle
Wedding couple walking away towards their wedding venue at Anran Luxury Wedding Venue
Bride lifting her bouquet in the air with the groom as they walk into their wedding at Anran Luxury Wedding Venue


The drinks are flowing & it's time to dance! I think my biggest tip to keep your guests on the dance-floor, is to fill it with absolute BANGERS. No one wants a dead dance floor. So make sure your band or DJ give them a reason to stay and boogie, otherwise I will end up doing my awful dad-dancing to entice and trust me... it's awful!

Wedding dress hanging at Upton Barns and Walled Garden