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Planning your wedding is such an exciting time, especially when looking for your wedding dress! Finding the right dress is a very personal and meaningful choice, and to help you pick that perfect dress, is The Bridal Box!

In their 20th year of business, The Bridal Box has been finding hundreds of brides their perfect dress for their perfect day in a beautiful and relaxed boutique in Torquay.

Let's here more about The Bridal Box from Helen, the owner, herself!

Q:What do you love most about your job?

A:The list is endless but mostly meeting people and helping girls with their self confidence, that’s an amazing feeling!

Q:Tell me one of your favourite reviews!

A:This is one of my favourites, this comes form a bride who was shaking outside the shop because she was so nervous and didn’t want to come in – her friend literally pushed her through the door! Now we still keep in touch and she loves wedding dresses:

"Nothing but love for these wonderful ladies!

They truly care about you feeling happy and comfortable on your special day. They know what they’re talking about and how to make you look as beautiful as you deserve on your day. Whether you’re a size 6 or 26!  No matter what shape or size you are they WILL find the dress that suits and flatters you perfectly. Even if you do arrive with sweaty palms and a negative attitude towards the whole thing"

Q:What should brides look for when buying a dress?

A:The first thing I always say is to find a boutique where you can be yourself and enjoy the experience and its not about how many people you take with you its about following your heart to finding the dress that you never want to take off!

Q:How long does it take for alterations?

A:We always do first fitting 8 weeks before the big day and then the final fitting a week or two before, there is no point doing fittings too early as brides have a habit of changing shape on the run up to the day!

Q:Do you have a complimentary consultation for brides?

A:We have brides that come in for a chat first so we can guide them and find out about their day, brides who just want to come in for a browse but most commonly brides will book an appointment (we don’t charge!) we do a full consultation where we find out everything from the proposal to the honeymoon and then the fun begins!

Q:Can you recommend accessories for dresses?

A:Choosing all the accessories is always a good excuse to come back and try THE dress back on! Why do it all in one go when you spread out the appointments and try the dress on a few more times ☺

Q:What is the best way to store and transport the dress?

A:Our dresses are collected in a large zip up carrier breathable bag that you can’t see through but for long term we advise to buy a dress storage box and wrap your dress in acid free paper inside it.

Q:Can you show the bride how to put the dress on?

A:It sounds daft but we always train up who ever is going to dress the bride on the day, and if they can’t be there for the final fitting then out come the camera phones and we video it!

Q:Any helpful tips you want to share?

A:I have loads so here are just a couple –

-Choose the dress that you can imagine walking down the aisle in, not just one that looks good on you, make sure you feel like a Bride, sounds silly really but there is a difference!

Imagine looking at your picture in 20 years time, do you think you will still love it, is your dress timeless?

-Always try sitting down in your dress, kneeling down in it or pretending you are going to the loo in your dress before you leave the shop, they are one of those things that when it comes to it on the day you need to know how to move your dress and how easy it is. The more you have tried doing things like that before the day, the more you will relax and just enjoy wearing it!

-The most important tip is HAVE FUN! And if you aren’t doing that pin point why you aren’t and change it so you are, you won’t get this time back, the planning should be as enjoyable as the day ☺

Check out The Bridal Box's website to find out more about booking an appointment to find your perfect wedding dress!

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