My Top Wedding Tips!

Weddings are exciting times, especially when it is your wedding you are planning!

This wedding season of 2019 is truly underway with weddings all over the South West from Looe in Cornwall, all the way up to Sidmouth!

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My Wedding Tips & Tricks. Wedding Rings & Details

Your wedding day is one of the most important and exciting days of your lives as a couple, tying the knot of love and commitment is always a blessing to witness as a photographer. But what about the lead up to the big day? Wedding planning can take a lot of weekends at wedding fairs, constant calls and meetings with suppliers and arranging payments but what about the tiny little details you might have overlooked?

I want to share with you a few tips and tricks I have learnt whilst attending and photographing weddings over the past 3 years!

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My mother has always told me that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and this is especially true on your wedding day!

Make sure you have enough energy to start your preparations for your big day by eating a hearty breakfast and drinking plenty of water. A lot of my bride and grooms have gotten so encapsulated in the day and catching up with loved ones that they might not have gotten to enjoy their canapés without me giving them a gentle reminder.

Having soft drink stations, like a vintage water tank, around the venue will help yourselves and parched guests from feeling tired and bloated.

Wedding Shoes

For the brides who love to dress it up with a new pair of heels, I would highly suggest making sure that your heels are comfortable by wearing them around your house for a few times a day before your wedding day.

If it comes to the evening reception and your feet are exhausted, then why not invest in some back up flats! Also don't forget to add a sixpence in your shoe for good luck before your ceremony!

Grooms, this is also a good tip for you if you have just bought new shoes and your wanting to dance until the early hours!

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My Wedding Tips & Tricks. Wedding Shoes & Bouquet

Time to Get Ready!

The big day has arrived and it is time to start getting ready to see your future spouse! The best tip to think about is time management, how long will the beautician take perfecting your makeup? Your hair? Also think about the time to get into your wedding dress, and adding the jewellery.

Another thing Brides tend to forget in the moment is Bridal Portraits! This is something that I always say is a must. #1- It always makes a lovely page in your album. #2- Gives an everlasting portrait for your children and grandchildren to look back on for years after.

Mini Tip! Give your lovely bridesmaids a thank-you gift bag with goodies they could use on the day or something symbolic to wear with you down the aisle that they will cherish.

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My Wedding Tips & Tricks. Bridal Portrait

Wedding Day Details

A little favourite of mine, wedding details. Think about all that time you took creating and deciding the invitations, the thank-you notes, calligraphy, colour combinations, types of greenery and flowers for your bouquet, fragrances and of course... the rings. Now take a second to think if all of that was never captured or remembered.

Always make sure to have every little detail with you at your bridal preparation so that the photographer can use their creative side and capture the hard work you have put into these details over the past year.

Group Photography

Grouping guests can be quite difficult for photographers when they may not know who your families are or who is in relation to whom. Because of this, I highly suggest allocating one member of your wedding party from each side of the families that knows the majority to help the photographer get the group photos underway and done as speedy as possible as we can all agree that the quicker this is done, the quicker your guests can get back to mingling and celebrating!

A Little Bit of Romance!

Your guests are happy and enjoying your day and now it's your turn to take a little bit of time and be together to relish the new commitment you have made to one another.

Your photographer whisks you away for some quality time to get those all important photographs of your love for one another.

But remember, this is also a prime time to be together, enjoy the quiet company and relish each others love whilst the photographer captures it all unobtrusively.

At this time, I take you away from your friends and family and let you walk amongst the grounds, giving light guidance to make sure your connection is captured honestly, as only true love can be captured this way!

But most of all...

Enjoy your wedding day! My last tip for this post is to make sure to drink up every memory. You have spent months planning everything you ever wanted, now it's time to enjoy it! Laugh, cry, dance, eat and drink until your last guests leave but savour every moment!

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I hope you have enjoyed reading about my tips & tricks and I hope you have a beautiful wedding day!

If you are interested in finding out more about what photography I can offer, please don't hesitate to get in touch... why not meet for a coffee and cake and chat about your big day?

Please come and say hello, I do love to chat all things weddings!

Daniella x

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