How to prepare for your pre-wedding session!

Pre-wedding sessions are a fantastic way to be more comfortable in front of the camera ready for your wedding day and to receive some fantastic photos for your collection.

Majority of my wedding couples are very camera shy, or not used to being in front of the camera, which is completely normal! Even I hate having my photograph taken!

So I thought I would go through a few ideas on how to enjoy your pre-wedding session experience and most importantly... how to have fun during the session too!

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First of all, make sure you have already met your photographer, or had a zoom call with them. This helps to build the relationship and to see if you both have similar personalities which is always a must!

Secondly, Don't be too shy to ask your photographer questions. We LOVE answering questions. The most common questions I receive are:

  • What do I do if myself or my partner is camera shy?

A: Do not worry, the session is really relaxed, just focus on your partner and what you love about them, what makes them giggle, and I will make sure you have so much fun you wont even notice the camera!

  • What should I wear for our session?

A: I will send you my Pinterest board which has lots of inspiration on colours, materials & designs for you to get ideas from. But I always suggest wearing something that is comfortable!

  • Where should we have the session?

A: I have a long list of my favourite locations from devon and cornwall beaches, forests to botanical gardens. But if you have a special place that you both love to go to, or maybe where you got engaged is always lovely! Brings back those beautiful memories.

  • How do pre-wedding sessions work?

A: Pre-wedding sessions are all about building a relationship with your photographer, getting used to being in front of the camera and how your photographer works and most importantly, capturing some lovely portraits of you both together having fun and being romantic!

During your pre-wedding session, make sure you are always touching, either holding hands, cuddling, touching faces and of course... kissing. This keeps the photographs intimate and the connection between you both flowing. I will also be giving you little natural pose ideas to keep the movement flowing throughout the session. I also love to make silly comments or stupid jokes to make sure the laughs and giggles are always flowing!

Once your pre-wedding session has finished, and you have received your beautiful photos from your online gallery, here are some fantastic ways to show them off!

  • Get them framed!! Having portraits up on the walls in your home is a lovely way to show off your relationship and love to everyone who comes over.

  • Social media! Post them all over Facebook, Instagram to get all the likes and comments you guys deserve! As a photographer, we also always love a little credit or business mention so we can share the love too and your friends can keep track of your wedding day sneak peeks on my page!

  • Save the date invites! Pre-wedding sessions are a fantastic, unique way to let your guests know that your wedding date is set and that they are invited!

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I hope this blog helps you get excited about your pre-wedding session and don't forget to just be yourselves! Thats the most important tip to get beautiful, natural photographs.

Daniella x

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