How do I choose my wedding photographer?

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life as a couple and one of the main parts of your wedding day are the photographs! Your wedding photographs are priceless, they capture every meaningful moment of your day and stay with you for generations to come!

So how do you know which photographer is the right fit for you? Well here are a few of my helpful tips that I tell all couples I meet before booking:

Firstly, you need to fall in love with their style. Think about the type of wedding you would like, rustic, classic, alternative, etc. Then do some research into photographers with that certain style! Look at their portfolios, their use of colours or shadows/lighting. Find a photographer whose work you can picture yourself in.

Secondly, You need to find a photographer you like on a personal level! You need to meet with the photographers you like, get to know them and who they are as a person and think if you could see yourself being friends with them! Think about it this way, your photographer will be with you the WHOLE day, so you need to be in a photographers company that you enjoy and most of all.. Can make you laugh!

Now that you have almost found your perfect photographer, you need to ask some important questions! I’ll answer them too (just because I do love questions about weddings!)

The Basics:

Is my date available?

How long have you been in business?- I have been in business for 4 years!

How many weddings have you photographed?- I have photographed 20 weddings so far, with many more couples to meet over the coming years!


Photography Style:

How would you describe your style?- I am an alternative, earthy photojournalistic photographer. I like to bring the earthy colours to life in my photographs, which is why I mostly shoot weddings at barns/outside or anywhere with a rustic decor!

If your style is candid, will I still receive formal group portraits?- Yes of course! The only time I pose is for the group photos, for the rest of the day, I stand back, people watch and capture the day as it unfolds!

Can I see some full weddings?- Absolutely! I can send you links to my online galleries that my couples receive that show their full day beautifully!


Do you have any second shooters that can be with you on the day?- I do! I have a range of photographers that I work with who have a similar shooting style to me. You can hire them for either half/full day or by the hour! (3hr minimum)

What time will you arrive at the venue?- I always plan to arrive 30 minutes before my scheduled arrival to take some venue shots and make sure everything is going to plan on your day!

Is it ok if guests take photos during the day?- The only time I suggest that guests stop taking photos is during the ceremony. Firstly, guests can accidentally get into my shots which is irreplaceable! And secondly, they should have all their attention on watching you both exchange vows and become partners for life!

Do you have insurance?- Yes, I am covered with Public Liability Insurance.

Do you include wedding albums?- I do! All of my wedding collections include a 12x12' bespoke wedding album & box!


Pricing & Packages:

How much of a booking fee do you require?- I require a £250 non-refundable booking fee and a contract to be signed by both partners to secure your date!

Do you offer payment plans?- I do! You can either pay the full balance up to 30 days before the wedding date or I can always split the full balance up into 1/4s or 1/3rds.

Is there a travel fee?- I offer free 50 miles of travel from Teignmouth, Devon. Further travel will incur travel costs.

How long until I get to see my photographs?- Because I hand edit each and every photograph from your big day, I say 3-6 weeks but sometimes it can be completed quicker! This does depend on how busy I am throughout the wedding season!

Do you include wedding albums?- All collections include a 12x12’ album and case! This includes up to 80 images of your choice! There is an option to add more pages for a fantastic price and parent albums are available too!

Do you have any recommendations for other suppliers?- Yes!! I always say that the best person to listen to about wedding suppliers are the photographers! They are there throughout the whole day, experiencing each supplier and watching their products come to life! I have a Couples Guide PDF that has a fantastic list of vendors that I would happily give 5 stars to!

Questions to ask yourself:

Do your personalities match?

Does your photographer make you feel comfortable and relaxed?

Do you feel a connection to their photographs and style?

Did the photographer listen and answer all your questions and concerns?

I hope this blog has helped you find your perfect wedding photographer! If you have any further questions or would like to get in touch to book with me then please email me at

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