Berry-tastic Wedding!

Spring weddings are always so gorgeous and full of colour.

Hello and welcome to my first blog! Take and gander, I hope you enjoy,

Molly & Toby's vintage/ boho wedding was something magical... from the gorgeous long vail to the simplistic final touches at the reception marquee. Lace was a corresponded throughout the whole wedding day; the vail, bridesmaid dresses, bouquets, table settings and mason jar decorations.

The couple's colour scheme was very simplistic and went well with the theme, green, brown, white and then just little hints of colour every so often.

Toby decided that plain socks were just not going to happen and did not want to stick to the scheme and chose bright polka dots and his best man went along too!

2 words... afternoon tea... Molly & Toby went all out with the vintage theme and supplied only the best of vintage english culture...jam was before the cream but was still just as tasty! They were delicious and went down a treat! they were accompanied by little strawberries that link to the cake, and tasty flapjack bites drizzled in chocolate!

During the reception, pimms were being poured, ice cream was being devoured and the mood was very happy and chatty!

The kids decided to play outside with a great bouncy castle and bubble machine... any way to keep them occupied for a few hours!

Now let me just tell you about this cake... It was a incredible 3 tier masterpiece, filled with scrumptious cream and jam and displayed with juicy forest berries and a sugar coating. It truly looked too good to eat but definitely went down a treat with the 180+ guests!

This Spring wedding was a beautiful day and will be remembered and cherished for many years to come... Congratulations Molly & Toby!

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