St Audries Park Wedding Photography - Ben & Hollie

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

This was my first wedding of 2019. Ever since we first met and they told me their ideas for their wedding I was extremely excited! Let's start with the venue... St. Audries Park in Taunton. This wedding venue is so grand and exquisite, the grand staircase, the ivory covered walls, warm fireplace and beautiful orangery. All I could say was wow with my mouth wide open as we scouted the venue.

After chatting over a cuppa about their big day, we then decided to book a Pre-Wedding Shoot at Fingle Bridge, Exeter. This was a great day even if it did end up being a 3 hour walk! Getting to know the both of them, how they met, what we have in common and becoming friends in the process! Whilst photographing them amongst the river and trees, I would keep telling them to be "lovey dubby" as it always ended in them both making disgusted funny faces to each other which were their favourite outtakes!

Hollie and Ben's wedding day started with champagne and laughter, and I can definitely say that Hollie was the most relaxed bride I have every seen!

Hollie's dad walked Hollie down the aisle in the Orangery after her beautiful bridesmaids, whilst Ben cannot stop smiling as he waits for his bride to be to stand beside him, the nerves were definitely noticeable but is a beautiful sign of the love he has for her.

Your alone time must always be cherished on your wedding day. You say your vows infront of your friends and family, your speeches, first dance, cutting the cake... your whole day is with your loved ones but the time when its just the two of you, cherishing time away from the eyes and cheers is when you really feel the love of one another. Hollie and Ben really enjoyed walking around St. Audries Park, chatting, laughing and being close and intimate as a couple. This is something thatI personally love as a photographer... seeing my couples enjoy each others company for the hour that they get alone before the party begins!

Their wedding cake made by Ben's auntie, beautiful and such a tasty cake too!

When the mother of the groom comes up to me and whispers "I will catch that bouquet.. I will make sure!" Well... she definitely kept her promise and boy was she happy!

And then the party begins!

Thankyou Hollie & Ben for letting me witness your marriage and photograph your incredible day! You are an amazing couple and cannot wait to see you again! x

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