Your pets love you unconditionally so why not treasure that with a lovely personal photoshoot! If you have a new puppy then I have a large range of props to include buckets, baskets and wraps to make them look adorable and cute as a button!

I truly regret not getting some professional photographs of my late border collie, Arnie. He was the life and sole of our home for 13 years and part of the family, which has made me realise just how special pets are and how much we rely on them!

All packages include a one-to two-hour session on that favourite walk on the beach or park! I offer one free rescheduling session for unexpected weather or an emergency. I do not charge extra for family members to be a part of the session.

At the beginning of the shoot, I will let the pet get used to me, play with me and let it sniff the camera so it knows it is no threat as will be pointing at them a lot! Then the fun begins... We will first let it burn off some steam, running, playing, messing around & then we shall capture some lovely wholesome portraits that you will treasure for years to come.

Pet Session

Was £100... Now £75

Your pet portrait session is one-to two-hours at a location of your choice! You can have up to two background changes (two locations as long as close by)!

Start thinking about your favourite locations to go with your furry friend, whether it be the beach, a nature walk or somewhere more adventurous! Think about what your pet loves to do, wether that be running, swimming, jumping, fetching, you name it! Their personality will shine through for their photographs.

From this session you will receive 5 High Resolution Digital Images AND

£25 off any printed product orders over £75!

Lets just sum that up quickly for you:

  • 1-2 Hr Shoot at a location of your choice

  • 5 high-resolution digital images with print release

  • £25 off any product order over £75

  • Free travel within 25 miles of Teignmouth, Devon

All of this for only £75!

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