Newborn Preparation Guide


I highly recommend to book your newborn session as early as possible. Younger newborns between 0-2 weeks are a lot more manageable during photo sessions, they sleep a lot more and a lot deeper, allowing me to pose them to create the best portraits. Babies are also more flexible at this stage. Older than 2 weeks, most babies tend to be more alert and have a tendency to stretch their limbs out making it more difficult to wrap and pose in certain positions. If your baby comes earlier or later than you expected, then please either call or email me as soon as possible so I can arrange my schedule to fit your newborn session in.

It's time for your baby's newborn session!

Here are a few tips to help you understand what we will be creating together and also make sure the session go smoothly!


Sessions will take place in the comfort of your own home where I will bring desired props, backdrops and my specialist equipment for your photo shoot.


I do require space of 9x9ft minimum to be able to have ample room to work with your newborn and create family shots. If you do not have the space in your house then a friends may be a good shout!


I also require the room to be very well heated, as newborns are very sensitive to the cold and anything below 26°C will disturb the baby when taking nude photos. I will bring a heater along if needed. 


The key to a successful session is a deep sleeping baby! Remember, the session might last up to 4 hours (make sure you have had a good hearty breakfast!)​

   *Schedule feeding 1-2 hours before I arrive.

   *Interact with your baby for at least 1-2 hours before your scheduled session to keep him/her awake.

   *Dress your baby in comfortable clothes with button up or zip up clothing for easier transition. Please DO NOT dress the baby in anything that I will have to pull over the head as this can disturb the baby.

   *Dummies... This is a great help during the session to keep the baby calm whilst changing poses... I promise, your baby is NOT going to get nipple confusion for the short time it will be used. If you don't have one, I will be more than happy to provide one to your baby during the session.

   *Dressing tips for parents: Beige, cream and white all would look amazing for your baby's newborn pictures no matter what gender your baby is! Grey, blush or brown are also great options. Pastels like soft blue or blush pink are beautiful as well. Same applies to significant others and siblings.


Do not worry, I will guide you through every single step and pose! I always start my sessions with a wrapped baby, it allows an easy way for mum, dad and siblings to be involved, plus those are my 'safety' shots; even if the baby is fully awake, I sill can produce beautiful images of wide open eyes!

"My baby doesn't like to be wrapped?!" Believe me, they do! They are used to being in your belly for the past nine months; they actually feel much more secure being wrapped... Trust me!

I start with mum, will add dad, and siblings if there are any (since they are the ones who loose patience fast) and then will move to the baby itself.

I usually try to do at least 3 different set ups, but it all depends on the baby. And, PLEASE, DO NOT worry about your baby having accidents on my props! So many parents worry about that but I am used to it, and prepared for any type of accident! All my props are washable and have been washed after every use with perfume free detergent.

Cameras and video cameras are not allowed while i'm shooting the session, unless I allow it!


After a minimum of 2 weeks from the session date, your photos will be ready to view! I personally come back to see you for your screening and show you your beautiful photos of your newborn.

You can then take a look through my frames, prints, wall canvases and other amazing products I provide working with a professional printing lab to make sure you get the best quality prints for your home!

Depending on what you order, I can create custom packages and if you spend a certain amount you will also get some digital images with a print release so you can post them on social media (a special mention to me would be much appreciated!) and print them. But this does not allow you to edit or reproduce them for sale of any kind.

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