Photographing your wedding means that a lot of trust must be put into myself and my ability to capture your wedding beautifully and elegantly. Well, let me first tell you that I strive to always make sure you are laughing, smiling and enjoying your wedding day and your photography experience with me! (we will be spending a lot of time together on your wedding day!)

Your experience is so important to me, and it should be to you too! Hiring a wedding photographer who has the style you desire is great, but they must also have a fun, outgoing, bubbly personality that you both can relate to... which is exactly who I am! I want to make sure that we have a lot of FUN on your big day, but do not fret, I will make sure to guide you both through your portrait session and keep you on time with your wedding schedule (people don't call me Monica from Friends for nothing!).

I believe, as your photographer, that the photos you receive should relive your wedding story. They should capture all the joy, the energy and natural emotions that sparked within your day. And since photographs last more than a lifetime, you should be able to relive your day every time you look at your photographs whether it be in your bespoke album on your coffee table, on the walls in your home or wherever they might be, they remind you of those unique and special moments in your life that you shared with the people you love.

I will stop rambling now so you can take a look at what I can offer for you! But just remember, I will be photographing every part of your day as they naturally occur, seeing memories that you will look back on for decades to come and will also make sure your experience with me is just as unforgettable as your photos! Your wedding day will be beautiful, and I am sure all your guests will agree!

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      The Investment

An investment into wedding photography is something you will cherish for your entire lifetime. After your wedding day details are sorted, the cake has been eaten, the flowers have wilted, all thats left are the memories created by your photographer.

As you decide on your wedding photography, keep two things in mind. First of all, payment plans are available for you. And secondly, and most importantly, everything else that you are planning for your wedding day is temporary. So much work and time has been put in by yourselves to make your day incredible. But your photographs are forever. Relive your wedding day over-and-over buy hiring a photographer who is right for you and with a style that you will cherish for generations to come!

I am available for weddings all around the country and the world! No distance is too far.

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Hollie & Ben

Danii is truly fantastic. She is so easy to get on with. She made us both feel at ease straight away. She is extremely enthusiastic about photography and it is so inspiring to see such passion and drive.
Aside from Danii's personality her photography is brilliant. Everything we have seen from her we love. Her products are exceptional quality and we cannot wait to order our wedding book.
We honestly could not imagine our wedding day without Danii. She really went the extra mile and was there for us throughout the day for anything.
Anyone looking for photography just needs to meet Danii and you will instantly know you have made the right decision.


Excited as I am?! 

I cannot wait to hear your love story of how you met, and your big plans for the big day!

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